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           Discussion Questions for
           Meditating Murder

Talking about books is my idea of fun!

I hope these questions will spark good discussions for you:

1. Many of the people in Meditating Murder are rootless.

They've lived in so many places that they can't identify with any

one country or culture. How is each of them affected by this lack

of a home identity?


2. If you've lived in other cultures, do any of the attitudes or behaviors of the characters in Meditating Murder remind you of your experience?


3. Several of the characters in the story have reached a "now or never" point in their lives. They know they have to make a change to achieve their dreams. How do David Markam, in his early 40s, and Gerald Fitzwilliam, at 60, differ in their responses to this realization?


4. What emotional needs drive Melanie Fitzwilliam? Which of her actions do you sympathize with? Which ones make you dislike her?


5. Meditation is mentioned in different ways. How does the double meaning of "meditating" (a contemplative practice vs. brooding and planning) work in the story?


6. Meditating Murder is set in the late 1980s, before computers and cell phones altered our lives. How do you think the story might have been different if it were set in present time?


7. How do you think Detective Dita Perez reacts to traditional expectations about women's roles and behavior?


8. Theo and Holly Greg may not be easy characters to like. Which of their actions help you understand their motives and possibly sympathize with them?


9. Who has the most power in this story? How does each character reveal his/her own need for power and control?


10. What do you think the maid Ellie Victor wants from life? How does her behavior reflect her insecurity or overconfidence?


11. Excessive drinking is a problem for two of the characters. Are there any parallels between these characters' lives?


12. Which minor or supporting character in the story appeals to you the most? What makes him or her memorable for you?


13. What part does the white Persian cat play in the story?

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