It is the late 1980s, that last golden era

of traditional mystery before technology

swept us into the torrent of the 21st century.

The David Markam Mysteries

Foreign Service Officer David Markam is known for his expertise in the cultures of India. And for his tendency to skim very close to the boundaries of proper diplomatic procedure. Even so, he's the man his colleagues call if a situation needs special handling in South Asia or the Middle East.

When his passion for ancient ruins puts him in the path of a terrorist's bullet in Istanbul, he is at a personal and professional crossroad.

Meditating Murder (on Amazon)

 Hearing that David has been wounded, his mentor, retired ambassador Gerald Fitzwilliam, invites him to convalesce at his estate on California's Mendocino coast. David hopes it will be the respite he needs to decide where his life is going. But rest is not what he gets.


David must use his skills to help local Sheriff's Detective Dita Perez find a killer among the residents on the estate. As he negotiates the tangle of secrets, David is forced to confront his own past and the possibility that his friend Gerald may be a murderer.


Dead or in India (due next year)

 David returns to Northern India to find the parts of his life he has lost. This time, he's going to need all of his skill as a diplomat to save what is most important to him.