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Author of

The David Markam Mystery Series



What was in this desert worth dying for?

This question haunts ethnographer Layne Darius, who comes to the forbidding Arabian Desert determined to discover why her mother vanished here.


Danger and love build relentlessly as diplomat David Markam risks his life to save Layne from the same fate.

A treat for readers who want authentic adventure in an exotic land.

See the Desert and Die Reviews

Reh has created a sinuous, compelling novel of one woman’s fight against cultural oppression and an absolutist political system to learn the truth about her mother’s death.

Anne Da Vigo, journalist and author of Bakersfield Boys Club


With great sensitivity and nuance, Reh portrays 1980 Saudi Arabia as a kingdom of contradictions—a place of culture and sophistication but also intolerance, particularly regarding the status of women. . . . A historically compelling tale with plenty of emotional drama.

Kirkus Reviews. Vol. XC, No. 11, 1 June 2022. p. 165

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