September 16, 2018

Finding the right name is a vital part of creating a character. I enjoyed naming most of the people in my mystery Meditating Murder, but the roguish antiquities dealer kept refusing to cooperate.

The idea for his character came from someone I knew back before I had much...

September 2, 2018

Some writers get along well with their characters. Others just wish they could.

I grew very fond of my characters when I was writing Meditating Murder. But every time I read Chapter 2, I knew the feeling was not mutual.

If they liked me, would they feign ignorance of the...

March 21, 2018

Imagine an August evening in the late 1980s. In an isolated mansion on the Northern California coast, several people are having cocktails. One of them may be a killer.

You'll meet these people in Meditating Murder, the first of my new mystery series. There, you'll join...

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